Our Crew

We often refer to the crew and guests that have traveled with The Wake-board School as “family,” and that is not by accident. Josh began this company back in 1999 as a family business, and it has continued to grow and blossom since then. Once you have been exposed to The Wake-board School experience, whether you’re an employee or guest, you will always feel a connection to our family.

Our boat crew is essential to creating this family feeling. It’s not uncommon for a guest to take 5 or 10 years off between trips, only to come back and be greeted by many of the same crew they traveled with last time.

Here are just a handful of our most senior and recognizable members of the Wake-board School crew:

Some of our crew

Here are just a handful of our most senior and recognisable members of the Wakeboard School crew:

Josh Sanders

Our founder, that is too humble to write a proper bio about himself and his extensive exploits, A unique and genuine individual who seems to have a magical connection with the Water, Joshua Peter Sanders is regarded as one of the country’s wakeboarding living legends. His raw natural talent and tireless work ethic have won him some of the world’s top contests and awards and seen him included in the Australian Wakeboard Hall of Fame.

In 2005 Josh was USA Pro Wakeboard Tour Champion and King of Wake Champion in the first ever world series event. Josh has pioneered new terrain internationally, being the first boarder to ride over icebergs in Newfoundland, the world’s longest rail slide over-land in Egypt and over a house-boat on the Shoalhaven. Josh was also the first boarder to tow-in to the world’s most dangerous wave, Teahuppo at 19 years of age.

Josh has resided in Nowra for 14 years, during which time he has played an integral part in teaching people how to wakeboard and growing wakeboarding in Australia. He has run the Wakeboard School on the Shoalhaven River in Nowra for 14 years.


World Champion 2005 Ranked no. 1

King of Wake 2005 First and only Australian to win, to date.

US Pro Wakeboard Tour 2005 First and only Australian to win, to date.

Top 5 in the world 1999-2009.

Australian National Champion 2013.

US Open 2000 1st - First Australian to compete internationally.

Surf Teahupoo, Tahiti 2000 1st place.

120ft Rail Over Water, Nowra 2006 World record.

100ft Rail Over Land, Egypt 2008 World record.

Wakeboard Icebergs, Newfoundland 2010 World record, World-1st feat.

Inducted into the Shoalhaven Hall of Sporting Fame 2014.

Christopher Mason

Our overall problem solver man who is proud of his job and does it well.

Justin Sanders

The man behind the scenes. Many will never meet Justin, but they will know him well by the time they arrive in Shoalhaven. Justin does much of the behind the scenes work.

Matt Wallace

The New South Wales Wakeboarding Champion and a Boxing champion of Southside Boxing Gym. Though he would never say this about himself, Matt is genuinely a legendary guide who has literally spent more than half his life guiding trips in these waters. His knowledge is endless, as are his stories that will keep you entertained at every dinner conversation.Always upbeat with great energy, Matt will make you feel like you got the absolute most out of any charter you take with him

Robbie Maddison

Born in Caringbah, Maddison grew up in Kiama Downs, and developed his passion for riding by competing in national motocross and supercross events. He completed Year 10 at Kiama High School and took up an electrical apprenticeship. Maddison continued learning freestyle motocross (FMX) tricks and after becoming proficient in the skills he entered his first amateur event,[which?] and won both the amateur and professional events at Bacchus Marsh, Victoria Maddison went on to win numerous international FMX events around the world and has been recognized as one of the best FMX riders of all time. Maddo's motto: "Face your fears - live your dreams". Maddison broke his own world record twice during the Crusty Demons Night of World Records show in Melbourne, Australia. During his first jump he travelled 316 feet (96.32 m) and landed on the safety zone nearly hitting the front of the landing ramp. On his second attempt Maddison broke the world record by travelling 342 feet 7 inches (104.42 m). This time he landed hard on his back tyre and was not satisfied by the jump, so he decided to jump once more. On his third jump he again broke the world record, this time with 106.98m (350.98 feet) into a perfect landing. He went on to receive a Screen Actors Guild Award for best stunt ensemble for Skyfall. In 2013 he went on to win the Taurus World Stunt Awards for "best stunt with a vehicle."

Dean Smith

Dean Smith's life has been defined by wakeboarding for the better part of two decades. In that time he has gone from a young Australian buck with unknown potential to one of the best and most-liked riders on the planet, known for going bigger than anyone. A little about Dean Smith.

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Current Residence: Sydney, Australia

Turned Pro: 2004

Stance: Regular

Boat Board: Ronix Code 21

Sam Brown

The winner of 2019 Wake Awards Sam Brown started turning heads a couple of years ago, and at the ripe old age of 16, he’s got heads fully turned with jaws completely dropped. The young Australian doesn’t just have a bright future in the sport, he’s already paving his own path. With a unique style and an uncanny ability to grab his board in contortionist-like ways, Sam’s riding stands out. In his first full year on the Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour, he made several finals and won Rookie of the Year. Look for him to do more than that in the years to come.“Grabbing your board properly is such an important aspect to competing, and Sam blows people away consistently with his ability to incorporate some of the most difficult grabs on a wakeboard into his run. Sam’s style is really unique, and it’s a ton of fun to watch.” —Reed Hansen, pro wakeskater, PWT judge

Nic Rapa

There’s something in the water these days.  Chances are if you are at a wakeboard contest these days you will primarily see Australian flags on the podium.  The latest member of the South Pacific regime of contest kingpins is Nic Rapa.  On only his first year as a Ronix rider he has elevated his riding to top 3 on the overall.

Hometown: Hawkesbury, NSW

Current Residence: Hawkesbury, NSW

Turned Pro: 2016

Stance: Goofy

Boat Board: Ronix ONE Timebomb