We use Supra/Moomba/Tige/ATX boats here at Wakeboard School. We swap them out several times a year, so we always have the latest and greatest boat one has to offer. We currently have a 2015 Supra SE 575. The SE is Supra’s flagship wakeboard boat.  The SE serves up the best wake in the industry. The largest Supra wakeboard boat sets the bar of what a towboat should be. The Supra® SE™ is the benchmark in towboat performance and luxury. Boldly designed with exposed frame and inset accents, these advanced seats offer many standard features not seen in competitive products like software integration, power motion and heated base and back.

The Mega Velocity Ballast System in the SE holds a massive 4,100 lbs sub-floor ballast. The system uses six pumps to reduce fill times and uses advanced ballast sensors to deliver pro-level wakes and waves. The billet aluminum FxONE Power Folding Tower features power actuators that lock securely into position at full deployment or full collapse, making your Supra® easily trailered with the tower up or down. Tower base color options, as well as accent and surf side tow point options, make it truly customizable.

The Supra Swell System delivers tall waves with long pockets and optimal push that are consistent on both sides. Perfect for riders who like to transfer from side to side. Together with our game-changing AutoWake, you’re always able to throw the ideal wake or wave. Precise wakes and waves on start here. Our patented system automatically manages hull position to deliver maximum wakes and waves to any rider, in any water condition — all without interrupting your passengers or distracting your driver. Creating the industry’s best wakes and waves is a group effort. Namely Swell™ Surf 3.0, Supra® Launch System and Supra SmartPlate™. These intelligent systems work in concert to provide you with a riding experience like no other. Both the Swell Surf System and SmartPlate deploy during acceleration to get you on plane faster.

Please take the time to check out our boats below.